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11 September until 30 October 2016

RESOUNDING FAILURE (paintings&installation)
(VS º1971)

17 April until 30 October 2016

Bewogen beweging – Theo Jansen en Zoro Feigl
Retrospectieve – Roger van de Wouwer

On 17 April 1961 Bewogen Beweging, the first International Exhibition of Art in Motion, closed at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Exactly 55 years later, the exhibition under the same title opens at the Verbeke Foundation. This time the spotlight is placed on two Dutch artists sharing a strong interest in kinetic installations: Theo Jansen and Zoro Feigl.

Bewogen Beweging (eng. Moved Movement) brings together new and recent works by Zoro Feigl as well as Theo Jansen’s first retrospective in Belgium. Using everyday materials to create intricate moving machines, the artists blur the line between art, engineering, mechanics, and biology. Constructed largely of PVC tubing, Theo Jansen’s dream machines walk on the wind and as new forms of life become more and more resistant to changeable weather conditions. Visitors are encouraged not only to see the beasts, but also to move them by hand and follow the evolution of the Strandbeests through their skeletons, photos, artist’s sketches, and design drawings dating back to 1990. While Theo’s primary focus is the function, Zoro aims at investigating physical properties of industrial materials such as plastic sheets, cords, ropes, etc. The tension achieved through the use of heavy components set in motion by engines and motors goes beyond rigid forms of mechanics resulting in dance-like qualities. Through endless experiments, the artists discover new ways of development, explore dynamics of movement and create balance between organic and mechanical properties.

The Verbeke Foundation is also proud to host the first retrospective of Roger Van de Wouwer. Comprising over a hundred collages, paintings and drawings, the exhibition touches on a variety of subject matters and brings closer the oeuvre of this surrealist painter and illustrator who employed a vast array of techniques to question the meaning and function of images. On the occasion of the exhibition, a book about Roger Van de Wouwer was published by the Verbeke Foundation.

Also on view works by: Bob Lens, Maarten Vanden Eynde, Léa Ricorday, herman de vries, Alan Sonfist, Stefan Cools, Lodewijk Heylen, Richard Kromjong, Paul Joostens, Rosemond Meys, Marcel Louis Baugniet, E.L.T. Mesens, and many others from Collection of the Verbeke Foundation.

BEWOGEN BEWEGING: Kinetic Sculptures is curated by Marie Verboven, Marek Wolynski, Karolina Slup.

The exhibition is on view through 30 October 2016.
ROGER VAN DE WOUWER (BE º1933 †2005)
MAARTEN VANDEN EYNDE (until 30 September 2016)


Winterexpositie – 11 2015 tot en met 03 2016

Daniël Spoerri º1930, RO
Albert Szukalski º1945 †2000, BE
Jean-Pierre Temmerman º1957, BE
Hanshan Roebers º1941, NL

Mandy den Elzen º1981, NL
Ruangsak Anuwatwimon º1975, TH – Ash hearts

Jan Goossen º1937 †2005, NL – beelden, tekeningen

François-Xavier Delmaire º1971, BE
Philippe Lemaire º1951, FR
Collectie Verbeke Foundation

Andrea Branzi °1938, IT – Grande Vaso
herman de vries °1931, NL
Atelier van Lieshout °1963, NL – CAST mobiel
Alan Sonfist °1946, USA
Matthijs Bosman °1976, NL
Paul Rutger Bastiaan °1959, NL – De Bathyscaaf

Sul Sol n°2, curator Marta de Menezes
Our bodies (Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde)
Merlin Spie °1969
“LIFE art Performance “Holding the Frame together”


Zomerexpositie – 05 2015 tot en met 10 2015

The work of Hans Waanders (1951-2011) is preceded by one moment: on the 4th of October 1982 Waanders saw a kingfisher (Alcedo Atthis) along the Maas river for the first time in his life. This little bird had made such an impression on him that from this moment onwards he obsessively collected all information about it. After gathering data on this shy and solitary bird, he transformed it into images. Visual forms of the works were inspired by kingfisher’s sounds and movements, its body parts such as beaks and wings and its role as a prey in the natural environment, among others. Waanders created the parallel universe, an extraordinary attempt to appropriate the kingfishers’ life. He also investigated exotic features and similarities between his existence as an artist and the life of the kingfisher. The kingfisher became the metaphor for his life.

The exhibition features also artworks by:
Eduard Bal
Mathieu Chevallier
Roger Claessens
Sven Fritz
Anjes Gesink
Hendrik Grönvold
Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet Sola
Wim Maes
Adolphe Philippe Millot
Tineke Schuurmans
Henry Seebohm
Wim Taciturn
Birgit Verwer

RATIONAL ANIMAL, Stan Wannet, retrospective 2004-2015
Stan Wannet (Overloon, the Netherlands, 1977) has been working as an artist for over 14 years. He is the author of mechanical installations, performances and experimental videos which speak the same, slightly uncanny visual language. His detailed assemblages show a distinctive mishmash of electro-mechanical systems, found objects and absurd configurations. Stan manages to connect intellectual themes with technology in a poetic way that seems perfectly natural. By forcing his tragicomical characters to obey formal and repetitive laws laid down by the machinery hidden within them, an inherently irrational form of meaning arises that is easy to read and incomprehensible at the same time. In 2008 Wannet got his bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering. He graduated cum laude by creating an extremely energy-efficient generator driven by 48 robotic hamsters which was created at the Verbeke Foundation. From 2009 till 2011 he worked as a hardware developer at the V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam. Wannet is a founding member of the internationally operating art collective “Nieuw Brabants Front”. Since 2011 he has been working together with South African performance artist Leila Anderson as an artist duo “Common Sense”.

COSMOGONICS, Franck Gribling, retrospective 1955-2015
Artist, art-critic, curator.
Born somewhere in space and time, leaving traces behind.
He must be some kind of an artist.
Website: Franck Gribling

In ‘Archive for the future’ bkkc (brabants kenniscentrum kunst en cultuur) and the Verbeke Foundation examine the problems surrounding the conservation and management of works by contemporary visual artists.
How can we prevent valuable collections from vanishing?
Should they be kept out of public reach and made inaccessible for researchers?
Is it in control of the artists, heirs of artists, exhibiting institutions, collecting institutions, scientists, research institutions, the market, or the government?
And what choices are there to be made?
Not everything can be saved after all.
Also, not everything is worth being preserved.
But who decides?
Which aesthetic, cultural and economic values play a role?
Website: BKKC Archief voor de toekomst

Stefan Cools
Jos Deenen
Hugo Draulans
Patricia Goemaere
Marlies Mulders
Jean-Pierre Temmerman
Architecten AGWA
Superuse Studio’s


winterexhibition November 2014 untill April 2015

Panamarenko (BE), ‘Flying Island’ (2004), sculpture
Shlomo Koren (Israël), retrospective 1960-2000
Jan Kersschot (BE), ‘Eyescapes, Skinscapes, Handscapes’, photographs
Kris Burm (BE), ‘The Right Move’, assemblages, book launching ‘The Right Move’
Cees Gunsing (NL), ‘Momentum’, sculptures
Lin Gerritse (NL), ‘Self-portrait’ (2014), photo installation
RUBIA Collective (BE/NL), ‘The Space of Influence’, architectural installation, work in progress
Mathieu Chevallier (FR), ‘Relics & raw protheses’, sculptures, photographs, masks en costumes
Mathys Lieshout (NL), ‘The work’, installation, work in progress
Johan Opstaele (BE), ‘Ombres Blanches’ (2014), ‘Naturae Linguam’ (2014), video installations
Christian Bors & Marius Ritiu (RO), ‘The patron of the travellers (2014), sculpture.

mini-collages & new exhibition of works out of own collection.

summerexhibition May 2014 untill November 2014

Arjen Boerstra
(NL), retrospective 1996-2014, installations, photo’s and video’s
Martin uit den Bogaard (NL), Archivelab (1989-2014), 25 years laboratory work
Sul Sol (cooperation between Museum MEIAC – Spanje, Cultivamos Cultura – Portugal and the Verbeke Foundation – België), curator Marta de Menezes
Mark Pannek (BE º1937 †2002), retrospective, collages and assemblages
Silvia B (NL), ‘La vie est si genante, part II’, installation
Jef Faes (BE), workstation 02, 9-keto-trans-2 project, installations and sculptures
Dirk Paesmans & JODI (BE/NL), Self, eat (1985), photo, performance, video
André Smits (NL), Artist in the world – The Never Ending Art Trip, photo installation
Robbe van Poucke (BE), Doel, photo installation
Luc Lefebvre (BE), Battledress Unit for Life-Care, sculpture
Bosch & Simons (ES/NL), Krachtgever, installation
Lodewijk Heylen (BE), Signing & Marking, lightinstallation
Driessen en Verstappen (NL), Herbarium Vivum, installation
Egied Simons (NL), Rootfields/Weave Patterns, organic sculptures
2 Sleep 4 Art (van 18 mei tot 1 juni), exhibition GIP Architectural Education Technical Institute Berkenboom

Jacques van Griethuysen (NL º1917 †1995)
Confrontation of Dutch and Belgium surrealism with works from the Verbeke Foundation Collection:
Robert Williams
José Delhayw
André Stas
Irène Hamerlinck
Robert Geenens
Max Bucaille
Line Ducerf
Georges Mariën


winterexhibition December 2013 until April 2014

Gust Romijn (NL), Retrospective ‘Rotterdamse Zeeuw-Zeeuwse Rotterdammer’
Jacobus Kloppenburg (NL), Artchive for the future
Marcin Dudek (PL), Cathedral of human labor (tunnnelinstallation)
Anna Lange (NL), neonsculpture ‘Hoe te Koe’
Ad van Buuren (NL), soundinstallations and assemblages
Miek van Dongen (NL), videoinstallation ‘Rough Silence’
Johan Opstaele (BE), videoinstallation ‘Luna’
Pomodoro Bolzano (DE) (Max D. Well & Chris Wittkowsky), objects and prints ‘Nature Morte’
Maarten Van Den Eynde (BE) sculpture ‘Genetology Research nr. 25’
Lodewijk Heijlen (BE) sculpture ‘Concrete Evidence: 1m’
Amelie Bouvier (PT), collages ‘Mouvement Serie’
Lin Gerritse (NL), sculpture ‘Flight Route’
Christian Bors & Marius Ritiu (RO), sculptures and installations ‘The Patron of the Travellers’, ‘RoWesting’, ‘eP Launch’

YOUNG VIOLENCE FROM ENSCHEDÉ, sculptures of three graduates from AKI (ArtEZ Art & Design):
Kevin Bauer
Kevin Dost (NL)
David Rauer (D)

Olga Morano Retrospective paintings, photos, collages & assemblages
August 29 2013 untill October 28 2013

Jef Ruythoorn

Retrospective own collection of collages

winterexhibition, 12 May 2013 until 17 November 2013

Joop Dielemans Pre Provo Period 1960 – 1965
12 May 2013 – 25 August 2013

Collages en assemblages : 1917 – heden


Andrée Arty – Enchanting Collagist Solo exhibition 12.08.2012 – 11.11.2012
Twelve Thousand Three Hundred Forty-Five Group Exhibition 24.06.2012 – ongoing
Dé-coll/age: the Art of Wolf Vostell Solo exhibition 14.04.2012 – 29.07.2012
Francesco Fransera – Nothing is created, everything is evolution, except the smallest event Solo exhibition 24.06.2012 – 29.09.2012


Winterexhibition 20.11.2011 – 20.05.2012

Cutting Edge Women Group exhibition 20.11.2011 – 08.04.2012
Bruno Van Dyck – Genius loci – Topografische resonanties en picturale praktijk Solo exhibition 22.10.2011 – 16.11.2011
Krijn Giezen Retrospective exhibition 01.05.2011 – 30.10.2011
Tom Woestenborghs – Salvation Can Be Found in the Illusion of Involvement Solo exhibition 01.05.2011 – 30.10.2011

Ginkgo Sempervirens, Group exhibition 01.05.2011 – 30.10.2011
MW Press: Publishing art, Group exhibition 01.05.2011 – 30.10.2011
Wim Gijzen, Solo exhibition 01.08.2011 – 30.10.2011
Jacobus Kloppenburg – Artchive for the Future, Artworks of the Dutch artist Jacobus Kloppenburg 29.11.2008 – ongoing
E.L.T. Mesens comme nous l’entendons, Retrospective exhibition 14.08.2011 – 16.10.2011
Photocollages, Group exhibition 01.05.2011 – 31.07.2011
Collection Vincent Vlasblom – A detail, Group exhibition 01.05.2011 – 31.07.2011


Group exhibition 20.11.2010 – 10.04.2011

Mark Verstockt Retrospective exhibition 20.11.2010 – 10.04.2011
Stan Wannet – De Hondenmepper Solo exhibition 29.05.2010 – 31.10.2010
Trou de Ville Group exhibition 20.11.2010 – 10.04.2011
De Wolkenbreier(s) organiseren 100 Visual artists @ Verbeke Foundation Group exhibition 20.11.2010 – 30.01.2011

Eco art exhibition 29.05.2010 – 31.10.2010

Dandy Dada: Wout Hoeboer (1910-1983) Retrospective exhibition 15.08.2010 – 31.10.2010
Wunderkammer.2 (?) Bio art exhibition  29.05.2010 – 31.10.2010
Egied Simons – Liquid Files Solo tentoonstelling 29.05.2010 – 31.10.2010
Paul Joostens Collage exhibition 29.05.2010 – 01.08.2010
Collection De Stadshof versus Verbeke Foundation Collage exhibition 29.05.2010 – 01.08.2010
Collages partagés Collage exhibition 29.05.2010 – 01.08.2010
Polar Expeditions (winter exhibition 2009-2010) 16.01.2010 – 15.05.2010
(ant)arcticmatters From expedition to zero emission exhibition 16.01.2010 – end of March 2010
Wunderkammer (?) Bio art exhibition ? 16.01.2010 – 15.05.2010
Een zin is ook een collage Collages van Jos Deenen 1989-2009 12.12.2009 – 15.05.2010
Desmond Morris First Collage Exhibition! 16.01.2010 – 15.05.2010
Baugniet & Co. Portrait Collages by Marcel-Louis Baugniet 16.01.2010 – 15.05.2010


E.L.T. Mesens – sans dieu, sans maître, sans roi, SANS DROITS Exhibition of collages 21.08.2009 – 15.05.2010
Artificial Nature Bio art exhibition 23.05.2009 – 15.11.2009
The World is an Alphabet Exhibition of collages 23.05.2009 – 15.11.2009
Backyard Genius (Outsider Art) Stichting Collectie De Stadhof 23.05.2009 – 15.11.2009


G59 Hessenhuis – Fantasmagie Collage exhibition 29.11.2008 – 10.05.2009
G58-G59 MASS-AKKER Artist’s groups paying hommage to G58 29.11.2008 – 10.05.2009
Over the Hedge # 2 Belgian and Chinese art on paper 29.08.2008 – 19.10.2008
Thierry Renard Collage exhibition 14.06.2008 – 16.10.2008
VISION IN MOTION – MOTION IN VISION Exhibition of cinetic art 14.06.2008 – 16.11.2008
Sofie Muller Collage exhibition 02.01.2008 – 04.05.2008


“NO MAN’S LAND” Between art and design 15.12.2007 – 04.05.2008
VIT ( A ) RTI Art and Nature 02.06.2007 – 26.10.2007